For a long time, dining tables and chairs have been especially focused on by families, because it is the place where all family members get together, talk and connect everyone together. And if you are wondering, 8 sets of beautiful outdoor dining tables and chairs with SUPER good price will be the “out” choice for your family.

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1. Outdoor dining table set TF-9112

With a very impressive design, the chair is high but extremely comfortable for the occupants. Sharp knit details bring high aesthetics plus premium materials, hidden aluminum frame, completely stainless powder coating. This is one of the 8 sets of outdoor dining tables and chairs with the highest sales from the beginning of the year until now at An Loc Furniture – Unit manufacturing, consulting and constructing, supplying equipment, furniture products. high grade.

  • For maximum style and comfort.
  • Anti-rust aluminum frame with durable PE rattan weaving, weather resistant for many years of use.
  • The convenient zippered cushion is filled with 5CM thick foam for optimal comfort and relaxation.
  • The washable and removable cover is made of waterproof polyester fabric, which is easy to clean
  • Flat design table helps you to adjust the table length accordingly.


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2. Beautiful outdoor dining table set 5PC Wicker – TF-9508

Can be used as an indoor or outdoor dining table. With 4 chairs and 1 table for families of few people to enjoy dinner together. In addition, the details are meticulously finished with PE rattan knitting – The highly aesthetic industrial rattan is extremely durable, does not fade under conditions, and is easy to clean.

This is also a beautiful outdoor coffee table and chairs used for resorts, hotels, resort villas. With the elegant, simple foot section, you will always feel safe and comfortable to use.

3. Modern outdoor dining set TF-9117

Located in the most beautiful outdoor dining tables and chairs at An Loc Furniture – The dining table model TF-9117 with a simple, modern design, brings a very new space. With 6 seats suitable for many families for a cozy dinner or extremely fun parties.

This outdoor dining table and chairs can be used both indoors and outdoors without losing aesthetics and durability. PE rattan with carefully powder-coated aluminum frame. Factors that help it not only resist dirt, and fingerprints but also rust.


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4. Bamboo and rattan dining set TF-9128

Towards convenience with a compact design, occupying less area, the bamboo and rattan dining table TF-9128 helps expand your family’s space. The design can be stacked or stowed neatly in the desk compartment to save maximum space. Belonging to 8 beautiful outdoor dining table sets with extremely good prices, this is the first choice for modern families.

Design up to 6 seats suitable for many families or for more fun all-night parties. You can even move the furniture easily with its small weight.

5. Beautiful rattan outdoor dining table set

For families with 3 members, this is definitely a great choice, iron outdoor furniture with rattan Patio layer is extremely durable and beautiful. The below criss-cross rattan design is very impressive, creating a more cozy space for the whole family. If you want you can use the outdoor furniture without worrying about its longevity.

This is also the product chosen by many resorts, hotels, and resort villas for its aesthetics and features that withstand the salinity of seawater.

6. Outdoor dining set F-131047

Belonging to the modern design line, the F-131047 outdoor dining table and chairs are suitable for all families, any area and can be used in all conditions indoors or outdoors, near swimming pools, near the sea. Compared with imported outdoor tables and chairs, the compact domestic model has a suitable price to help you save a lot of money.

In addition, with many colors, you can choose from many styles, paint colors… This is also the model of outdoor dining tables and chairs chosen by many customers.

7. Sample outdoor dining table and chairs

Used in multi-member families and modern villas, the table and chair set with from 8 to 10 chairs is designed in a very beautiful and luxurious way. Have dinner with the whole family, watch movies, have a birthday party or just chat with the members.

8. Sample of antique European-style dining tables and chairs

Impressing with a European-style patterned pattern, the dining table is like a decoration for your home. Material electroplated stainless steel can be used in all weather conditions. This is also the “worth money” option for modern families.

Hopefully, the above suggestions about 8 beautiful outdoor dining tables and chairs will help you and your family get the best choice.

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